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Workers needed for SPIRIT Concession Stand at UAB Blazers Basketball February 19

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SPIRIT is fortunate to have a new ongoing opportunity to work one of the concession stands at Bartow Arena this year at UAB Blazers basketball games.  For each game, we'll meet at the church as a group, travel to and work at the game, and then return to St. Patrick.  See below for specific dates and times.

Adults and youth 12 or older are needed to work, and you may be able to watch part of the game when we're not busy.  Approximately 6-8 people are needed for each game.

SPIRIT fundraisers do many many things for us:

* help fund major SPIRIT trips, like the National Catholic Youth Conference
* help pay for food often served for free at SPIRIT events
* help to reduce the cost paid by SPIRIT members for events
* help fund the St. Patrick Youth Sports Program
* help SPIRIT give back financially to our parish

Those interested in working should sign up on the sheet on the bulletin board by the church office or in the SPIRIT Room.  You may also e-mail Kevin Whitaker, or call/text Kevin at (205) 903-2222.


Work Times

02/19/2011 2:30pm-7:30pm UCF