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Springfest Workday - Huge Success

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Saturday, March 28th, was the first of two scheduled workdays to prepare food for Springfest 2009.  Approximately 30 people were present.  So what took place on that day?

Volunteers, under the direction of Springfest Kitchen Chair, Patty Wehby, began at about 9:00 in the morning and worked to mix and roll meatballs.  Also, cabbage rolls were made and the plastic ware was rolled into napkins.  Additionally, many of the ingredients needed to make the sauce and egg rolls were cleaned, chopped and readied for that process.

"We had a great day and with so much help, we were finished with the work scheduled by noon," said Patty.  "We were very pleased to have the men join our kitchen work force."

One more workday will take place on the Thursday just prior to Springfest.  Mark your calendars (yes, you too guys!) for Thursday, April 30th and join in as we make our world famous sauce and egg rolls.

Thanks to all who made our first work day in the kitchen a great success.