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Laura Crandall Brown - Caring Bridge Site (New Pix)

Laura and Walter
Laura and Walter
... about Laura's progress in her sudden struggle with cancer.  For this reason, we are providing you with a link to her Caring Bridge website where she journals about her progress periodically.

Visit http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/laurabrown to both read the journal and perhaps post comments of support to Laura and her family.  Photos here depict Laura on April 18th during a yard sale to raise money for medical expenses.  To learn how you can help, e-mail the webmaster.

Cecilia and Jim Crandall and family (daughters Laura and Emma) were longtime parishioners of St. Patrick.  Many of Cecilia's relatives are still members of the parish.

Let us all pray for Laura's recovery and for God's strength and mercy as they go through this difficult time.

 Laura and her Aunt

 Emma and Laura