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Knights Plan Memorial Mass for Deceased Knights on November 13

 Benny Bakane is one of 16 Members of Council 10567 who have Passed Away
Benny Bakane is one of 16 Members of Council 10567 who have Passed Away

St. Patrick Knights of Columbus Council 10567 will have a Memorial Mass in memory of its 16 deceased Brother Knights on Thursday, November 13 at 7 p.m. at St. Patrick Church.

Grand Knight Ronnie Muro said, "The Knights of Columbus was originally formed to give aid and support to its members and families, especially when experiencing the loss of a loved one. In that spirit, we must always honor the memories of those beloved Knights who have left us. What better way to honor them than by celebrating mass in their memory and reaching out to their families to join us for that special occasion."

The Knights extend a personal invitation to the widows and all family members of our deceased Knights. The Knights would also like to invite all members of the St. Patrick and St. Stanislaus faith communities.   

Bishop Joseph A. Durick 4th Degree Assembly 2399 will provide an Honor Guard at the Mass. Faithful Navigator Rob Smith said, "This will be a cherished moment in our history."

A small reception will follow Mass in the St. Joseph Hall.  

Below are the 16 deceased Knights of Council 10567:
Louis Anthony Colombo, 66, March 5, 1994
David Vines, 70, June 10, 1995
Louis N. Muro, 78, February 22, 1996
Charlie L. Perryman, 66, June 16, 1996
Rick Thomas, 36, August 1, 1996
Arthell T. "Art" Bobo, 67, October 1, 1999
Ben Leo, 82, May 27, 2001.
Paul Felix Leonard, 90, March 9, 2002
Jerome C. "J. C." Bradley, 56, July 29, 2004
Steve Sullivan, 82, August 18, 2004.
William "Bill" O'Neill, 69, April 13, 2005
Oscar Grayson "Sonny" Sorrell, 58, May 2, 2005
Claude Cruz Wathen III, 66, August 21, 2006
Benny C. Bakane, 81, March 25, 2007
Mel Melton, 78, April 22, 2007
Albert S. Duchock, 83, June 12, 2007