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An Open Message to All About Life, About Pro Life

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Do you remember where you were 4 years ago?
(July 29, 2004)

By Gaeton Conte
Pro Life Director
St. Patrick Knights of Columbus Council 10567

Four years ago, July 29, 2004, a dear friend of ours passed away, Jerome C. Bradley.

Do you remember where you were when you first heard the news that Jerome C. Bradley had died?  Who were you with?  What you were doing?

Do you remember when you first met him, when he first met you?

Do you remember him?

Do you miss your fellow brother Knight of Columbus?

Did it make a difference knowing him? YES, IT DID!

Has your life changed, since his passing?

Have you/we bettered ourselves since his passing?

How about our other brother Knights and their passing?

Did it make a difference knowing them?

And EVERYONE you have ever KNOWN, Relative or not?

Did their living make a difference in your life?

Has their passing made a difference in your lives?

Have we improved since their passing?

Do you think of them?

Your Family.

Had they not been born.......would it have made a difference?

Do you cherish LIFE?

The Answer Is YES!..........to both of the last 2 questions.

YES should be the answer to most all of the questions.

......YES! You cherish LIFE!

......YES! It would have made a difference!

.....YES! Life does make a difference!

Let us pray:

   for those that have not been born;

   for those that have been born;

   for those that have passed on ahead of us, that we may see them again;

   for those that are still with us, and

   for those that need our help the most.

Jesus Loves You!

Gaeton Conte
July 29, 2008