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Columbian Squires Circle Elects New Officers

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Columbian Squires Circle 4481 has elected new officers for the 2008 - 2009 fraternal year.

The new Squires officers are:

Chief Squire: Jeremiah Johnson
Deputy Chief Squire: Justin Richerzhagen
Bursar: Jeff Blanchard
Notary: Mark McPherson
Pole Captain - Robert M. Smith
Arm Captain - Adam Higginbotham

Sentry: Mark McPherson

Marshall: Mike Smith

Chief Counselor: Doug Blanchard

The Squires organization is open to all young boys ages 10 to 18 and more than 22,000 participate in the program worldwide. The Squires Circle at St. Patrick is one of 1,339 "circles" throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, the Caribbean, and other places where Knights of Columbus councils are located. Every circle is sponsored by a Knights of Columbus Council, and Knights serve as adult counselors to the group.

Congratulations to all our new officers and Thank You to last year's officers for a job well done.