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Rob Smith to lead 4th Degree Assembly 2399

 Rob Smith
Rob Smith

Sir Knight Rob Smith will lead Bishop Joseph A. Durick 4th Degree Assembly 2399 as Faithful Navigator during the 2008 - 2009 fraternal year.

Rob, a Past Grand Knight of Council 10567, is a longtime St. Patrick member and Knight who has served in many capacities over the years.

Other officers elected were:

  • Charles Blanchard, Faithful Captain
  • Greg Brasher, Faithful Pilot
  • Dale Blanchard, Faithful Comptroller
  • Gaeton Conte, Faithful Scribe
  • Phil Whatley, Faithful Purser
  • Mike Champ, Faithful Inner Sentinel
  • Joe Dush, Faithful Outer Sentinel
  • Curry Cooper, Faithful Admiral
  • Fred Deason, Faithful Trustee 3rd year
  • Tom Richardson, Faithful Trustee 2nd year
  • Dale Blanchard, Faithful Trustee 1st Year