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Kids enjoy Fun Friday

 Fun Friday Kids
Fun Friday Kids

An enthusiastic crowd gathered in the Raymond J. Murrin Family Life Center on Friday, September 16 as Fun Friday kids came for fun and games.  After their parents signed them in, the kids played basketball and got to know each other. Then they gathered around for opening prayer and heard the story,  "If Jesus Came to My House".  They sat attentively as the story was read and were reminded that when at church, they are at Jesus' house. 

Then it was time for more fun as they joined in a rousing game of "Gator".  Afterwards it was time for lots of other fun games, including dodge ball.  Later in the night, snacks with cold juice really hit the spot after all that running, laughing and playing.

Finally, the group, tired and full of smiles, gathered for closing prayer.  Everyone is looking forward to more fun and making more friends at the next gathering on Friday, October 14.