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First Communion - Wonderful Celebration

 Parents and Children Receive the Light of Christ
Parents and Children Receive the Light of Christ
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April 27th was the day and the faces of our children were beaming as they prepared to receive Jesus in the Eucharist for the very first time.  This was a very special Mass as the children participated in every aspect of the liturgy.  From the readings to the petitions to the music and the offering, each played a special role in making this day very special.

Check out all the photos (click more pictures link inside this window) to remember this wonderful day.  More photos in the photo album in this section of the site.

Thanks to all who prepared the children for this sacrament. 

  • To Rose Taylor, Lisa Dougherty and Mildred Hollis and all their helpers who devoted their time and talents to the children.
  • To the altar servers, the musicians, the florists (Liz and Lisa Smith), those who prepared the food and decorations for the reception, and all who contributed to such a wonderful day.
  • To Father Bean for bringing the Holy Eucharist to our children and our parish.
  • And a special thanks to Sr. Maura for her dedication to these children and to our Faith Formation program at St. Patrick's.