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Foundation for Liturgical Music Conference held at Birmingham Southern

 Kevin Whitaker demonstrates the art of centering
Kevin Whitaker demonstrates the art of centering
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The Foundation for Liturgical Music, Inc. Music Series IX, was held August 4 - 6, 2005 on the campus of Birmingham-Southern College.  This year, three Saint Patrick members attended the conference titled, "Faith, Hope and Love, the Music of Our Spirit" to learn more about the aspect of music in Liturgy. 

The first evening began with a fellowship supper and the Artists Repertoire Session featuring many of the songs to be used over the weekend in a "sing-along" style with the artists.  Selections included a beautiful song for healing by Jaime Rickert, "By Your Touch" and  a variation of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" for the Advent Season.  The evening concluded with a Taize Prayer Service.

The next day was full for Kevin Whitaker, Youth Director and Janet Rubino, Director of Music at Saint Patrick.  The day began with Morning Prayer and the Keynote delivered by Marty Haugen, entitled "Faith".  Marty said that if we walk in faith, we can live with the fear that is always present.  Having faith makes us live freely and generously.  Faith is "leaping into the unknown".

Janet selected the Master Cantor class for the first morning session and Kevin attended the Forum for Mentoring Youth.  Kate Cuddy, composer and Choir Director gave a strenuous work out to the 12 participants in the Cantor class.  Watch Out Choir !! Those strenuous vocal exercises will be showing up at Choir Practice !  Kevin's group prepared to lead morning worship for Saturday morning.

The Composition Session in the afternoon gave opportunity to 5 songwriter want-to-be's to exchange original song ideas with each other, present original compositions and get great feedback from Marty Haugen concerning content, structure and tips on how to get published. 

The evening Faculty Concert was joyful and prayerful and everyone was ready for a good night's sleep when it concluded after a long day.

Kevin sang with the ensemble for morning prayer on Saturday and the keynote by Kate Cuddy and Michael Mahler was spectacular !  Michael, the youngest composer published with GIA music, sang a beautiful song about a prodigal son and the unconditional love of a mother. Can't wait for it to be published for purchase !

Jaime Rickert's class "Spirituality of the Music Minister/Liturgist" focused on being "centered".  It is amazing how being centered and keeping your eye on God's eye was revealed in a peacock feather !!  Jaime also demonstrated a great learning device through puppets ( mops & brooms  ) to teach valuable and humorous stories from scripture.   Kevin has a new calling.  He was a great "actor" for the puppet show !

Justin Richerzhagen joined in for the afternoon session of "Basic Percussion Technique"  and was recruited to play drums at the the Participant Concert that evening.  Justin is a "natural" on percussion.  Just wait until you hear him ! He expressed interest in returning next year for the full weekend.

The experience was informative, prayerful and greatly appreciated by all three attendees.  Many thanks to Father Bean and the wonderful people of St. Patrick for the opportunity to be part of the workshop and share the music !!