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Gain a Plenary Indulgence during the Year of St. Joseph

 St. Joseph, Pray for Us
St. Joseph, Pray for Us
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Diocesan Letter and Decree from Bishop

The Holy Father has declared a year of St. Joseph lasting from May 16, 2018 until May 1, 2019. Shrines for for gaining a plenary indulgence have been designated throughout the Diocese of Birmingham. Our own St. Joseph Hall is among those sites.

How does one gain this plenary indulgence?

  1. Visit one of the approved shrines and spend a suitable amount of time in prayer before the statue or image of St. Joseph there.
  2. Conclude by praying an Our Father and an approved Creed (for example, the Apostles' Creed or Nicene Creed).
  3. Pray also an invocation to the Holy Family (for example, "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, bless my family").
  4. Pray for the Holy Father's intentions.
  5. Be detached from all sin, including venial sin.
  6. Receive Holy Communion in the state of grace within at least 20 days before or after.
  7. Go to Confession within at least 20 days before or after.

We invite all the faithful to participate in this opportunity. If you would like to make a visit, feel free to call the office to ensure that the hall will be open to accommodate you.

See the attached letter (2 pages) from the Diocese and Decree from Bishop Baker designating our parish as a privileged location.