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The Light

by Mandy Shunnarah

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The Light

Editor's Note: Mandy Shunnarah is a senior Honor student at Gardendale High School. Mandy is active in the SPIRIT youth group and serves as a lector at youth masses.  She is a dedicated member of the High School Faith Formation class.  Mandy loves to write and her passion is poetry.  She has attended several writing workshops and shares one of her poems, "The Light" with us this week.

                  The Light
            by Mandy Shunnarah

What a long strange trip it's been
But here we are today
Our paths did cross when we were lost
Somewhere along the way.
Narrow, winding roads we walk
With Uncertainty at every turn.
Dips and hollows, yet still we follow,
For this is the way we learn.
The Light of the path is dim and deep,
But never so as this.
We have travelled this course many times before,
Yet never to such suspense.
No one can see as we can
Just how deep this dark of Night.
Still we walk on, into the rising Dawn,
Praying there will be a Light.
Through the years of hardship,
And lifetimes of persistence,
Up ahead, just as I have said
Lies the path of least resistance.
It is the brilliance of the Light itself
That impresses us by far
For without the Night you cannot see the Light
That shines through a star.
Yet so it is in Life
That without one's cross to bear,
All good things would go unseen,
And the world would cease to care.