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In just a few days our nation will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the historic mission of Apollo 11 to the moon.  While I never personally made it to the moon, I was privileged to serve as the first American doctor in space with Skylab 2. 

Today I am honored to announce the launch of a new ad from CatholicVote.org.

As you read this, I am appearing alongside other retired astronauts along with CatholicVote.org President Brian Burch at a press conference in Houston.  The reason for the media event is that the new CatholicVote.org ad (thanks to you!) will be running regularly on local Houston television stations for the next several weeks.

Joining me today at the press conference are retired astronaut Dr. Bill Thornton, and Mr. Gene Kranz - the Flight Director at Mission Control during the Apollo program, including the famous Apollo 13 mission.  Mr. Kranz was played by Ed Harris in the 1995 Oscar award winning film.

Like you, I am a big fan of CatholicVote.org.  Their new ad is already creating buzz in Houston, and I can't wait for the rest of the country to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11 with this new ad.

Next Monday, July 20, media outlets around the world will commemorate the historic achievement of Apollo 11.  The courage and dedication of the astronauts aboard Apollo 11, and hundreds of others involved in our nation's space program make me proud of our great country.

But most importantly, the achievements of the space program remind me of the potential of every human life.
In anticipation of the 40th Anniversary this Monday, CatholicVote.org is preparing to launch web ads across the Internet to promote their new commercial.  This historic anniversary is a perfect opportunity to show America, and the world, the power of every human life.

CatholicVote.org needs your help to saturate the Internet next week.  They have reserved ad space with the intent of promoting their new ad to millions of our fellow Americans.  Please consider helping them out now.

This is a historic date, and an opportunity we can't afford to miss.  Watch the new ad and be sure help my friends at CatholicVote.org.

Thank you for your prayers and support of CatholicVote.org. 

May God bless you and your families.

A proud member of CatholicVote.org,

Dr. Joseph Kerwin
Astronaut-Scientist, Skylab 2