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Big Kids

Yes, there were the little folks but the big kids had to get in the act as well. So many of our young people helped work the childrens games. It was tough for them to stand back as they helped the younger crowd have fun. Check out a few of these kids having a bit of their own (competitive) fun!

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View Childrens Games - Volume II
Childrens Games - Volume II

Too many kids photos to fit in just one album. Follow one little girl's experience in several of these games. Her mom sent in photos for the site so that her extended family all over the country could see her having so much fun. Have you ever tasted those colorful balls inside the inflatables? One little boy decided that he'd check 'em out. Take a look.....

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View Children Games - Volume I
Children Games - Volume I

Stick to a wall, stretch it to the limit, bounce or slide. Springfest provided games of so many varieties for kids of all ages. The toddlers got a good taste of inflatables just their size and even mixed it up with some of the bigger kids from time to time. Get a glimpse of the smiles of the workers AND the kids. Good times!

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View Adult Games
Adult Games

From a game of golf to a chance at the ball and pan or oil well, the adult games area was well attended by many. Some came away big cash winners. A number of kids and even adults enjoyed a free chance at winning a cake in memory of our dear friend, Benny Bakane. And if a freshly grilled hamburger or hot dog suited your fancy, the adult games area was for you. The smell of that grill delivering up burgers and dogs to order was enough to draw quite the crowd. Check out the outdoor scenes here.

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View Vendors Bring Value
Vendors Bring Value

Greg Skocik mans the Knights of Columbus Council 10567 booth where he provided materials and information for Springfest goers. Of interest was the strong pro-life movement consistently promoted and supported by the Knights as well as the Jerome C. Bradley Dinner Dance to be held in the Fall of 2007. Review the pictures of all the vendors found inside the Raymond J. Murrin Family Life Center. Thank you to all who supported Springfest and the vendors who brought their goods and interests to our festival.

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View The Food
The Food

Another great year of International Foods as Springfest 22 was upon us. So many worked during the days and weeks before the big event. All were ready to serve the hundreds of patrons as the 10:00 Mass dismissed. Take a look at the early preparations in the dining room.

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View The Winner
The Winner

No she didn't win the $3,000 grand prize. BUT, Louise has won our hearts for a long time. AND, she was presented with a special award for consistently selling the most raffle tickets of anyone over the past several years. And, she and Don won a week-end at the beach from the drawing of the 20-Plus Club members. Now, do you want to see the suspenseful moments leading up to the grand prize winning ticket? Check out these pix.

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